About Amicis

Welcome to Amicis Manufacturing Pty Ltd.

Amicis is Australia’s Premier Hydraulic Manifold Manufacturer, supplying high pressure hydraulic manifolds and associated components.

Our focus on continual improvement in supplying superior quality products, every time.
Provides confidence to our customers in the products they receive.

Amicis was formed in 2018 by Nigel Cathcart and Adam Barnard, as the principles of the company.
The company was formed from the Manifold Manufacturing division of Hyteco Aust. When the owners of Hyteco decided to sell that area of the company.

Nigel, being one of the founding members of Hyteco, has more than 30 years’ experience in making manifolds.
Nigel is an expert in all aspects of running a manufacturing facility.

Adam, having joined Hyteco in 2003 has Expertise in Hydraulic design and business management.

When Amicis was formed in 2018, all the highly experienced staff from Hyteco were employed at Amicis.
Along with our valued staff, the valuable intellectual property, including Designs, Programs and associated procedures were purchased by Amicis.

From 2018, Amicis has remained in the premises at 59 Kremzow Road, expanding to be the sole occupant in the premises in January 2023.

With additional space now available, continued expansion through automation and new modern CNC machining centres, will increase both capability and capacity in the near future.

We look forward to suppling you our high-quality product for many years to come.