Using the latest Autodesk Inventor software, in conjunction with specialised Hydraulic Manifold design software, our in-house Engineering team can create the perfect solution to your need.

All hydraulic manifolds and products are designed using 3D modelling techniques. The advantage of using 3D to design, is the ability to check designs with a high level of certainty that the product will be fit for purpose.

For Hydraulic manifolds, which is our core business the process of design is as follows:

  • An enquiry is submitted to sales for pricing, in this enquiry we will need a Hydraulic Circuit, a desired functionality or the features required in the manifold.
  • Once the quote is accepted and a Purchase order is provided, a job is created in the design schedule.
  • Based on the Customers supplied information an initial Design is presented for consideration.
  • If the design is suitable the Customer will approve the proposed design for manufacture.
  • If the design requires changes, the customer will convey the changes and a new revision of the design will be provided for consideration and approval.
  • Once approved the design is completed and passed on to another designer for QA checking.

Intellectual property of the design is held by Amicis on behalf of the customer. The Design will not be shared with anyone, unless approval is given by the customer the design was created for.

3D models are available for most products, upon request.